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Der Bärenbote! Freunden einen Bären aufbinden!

Bärenpost verschicken

Support your local Bärenmaler!

chrisbears and me (The Bärenmaler) are financed by the sales made through the Bärenshop.
Unfortunately it's not Christmas all day and not everyone needs a bear from the shop. If you want to support this site nevertheless you are very welcome!

The bears say "Thanks a lot" (Germans usually say that, don't they?) for your support!


With a click on the support-bear you will be guided to PayPal where you can make a donation.
The sum will be credited to my PayPal account (der Bärenmaler/Chris Schlag) and you will receive a receipt for your payment.


Notice:I'm a commercial Bearpainter and not a non-profit organisation. Your donation will be declared as taxable income. Therefore you will not get a deductible contribution receipt.

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Please respect my copyright. Thank you!