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The Bearpainter

The Bearpainter

Chris Schlag was born in 1966 somewhere in the wilderness (the Rhinelands).
He lived in Kiel and Frankfurt for some time and came to Leipzig in 1998 where he lives and works until today.
Chris is a grafic artist, a webdesigner, a programmer, a musician (vocals and percussion), a texter and a comic-strip artist.
He speaks German and English and is able to nod understandingly to up to five different languages.
Chris likes books by: Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Matt Ruff and Walter Moers.
Chris likes music by: Marillion, New Model Army and Ozzy Osbourne.
Chris likes movies by: Quentin Tarantino, Hayao Miyazaki and Pixar.
Chris likes comics by: Loisel, Hergé and Bill Watterson.

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